How to get 100 instagram followers daily with these methods?

How to get 100 instagram followers daily with these methods?

Instagram is the one of the most popular social media sites on the Internet. More than 1 billion people are active users of Instagram. Moreover, when you have such a large platform, the ratio of creators, businesses, influencer increase. These people need large following in order to keep their work going.

In this article, we will share with some of the methods which you can use to get 100 instagram followers daily

1. Post on a Consistent Basis

The first and foremost thing is to post regularly. If you expect to gain 100 followers on a consistent basis, then you need to have consistency and quality in your posts. You need to have strong niche and a prospective audience. The content that you create must be interlinked to each other so that your audience could relate to it and identify you.

Another benefit of posting consistently is the fact that you will reach new people regularly and can tap into the potential followers with your content and page. Another tip for your content is Aesthetics. Always keep in mind to have at least 15-18 posts in your grid with the same Aesthetics. Don’t ever change the vibe with just one post. If you want to change it or modify it, do gradually so that you don’t lose out on your existing followers.

2. Comment on a lot of Posts

It may sound intimidating and too much time- consuming at first. And definitely, It Is! However Commenting on the posts of other people or accounts similar to you will expose you to a vast array of like- minded individuals who are more likely to follow you.

Also liking posts of other accounts may also increase your chances of getting a follow back. In any case, engaging with other posts and accounts as well as people who commenting on it, is an amazing way to increase your reach and grow your account.

3. Get free Instagram followers from genuine website

If you are looking for a genuine website to get free instagram followers for your instagram account, then there is only two website in the internet who is providing instant free followers without any survey or verification, First website is GATHERXP and the second is VAYMOID, their free followers service is completely free, any one can avail their service instantly.

4. Engage on your posts – Respond to comments on your posts

Coming back to comments, it’s not that you have to only comment on other people’s post and interact with their sudience. It goes the same with your postsas well. Reply to the comments you received. Try to make your audience feel welcomed and strike conversations with them. Just don’t say thank you or an emoji, but ask questions or write something that will make them reply to it. It will not only boost your engagement but also will make the user encouraged to follow you.

5. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are an important, and i would say very important part in Instagram. Hashtags help the algorithm to identify the niche of your posts and also people who are likely to view your posts. Basically it is a sort of filter, which helps differentiate posts of different kinds and topics. Especially using the right hashtags can be a game changer for you. Go throught the lists of popular hashtags in your niche. Use the hashtags which are not that popular, but can give you more visibility. Mix both these types. Experiment with Hashtags. Using the right Hashtags can you bring you very unexpected and good results.

6. Add Location Tags

Adding locations helps you to localise your audience. It attracts the local population. Especially, if you have a local business or something. Location tags are easy to use by selecting add location while you are uploading the picture.

7. Post on the Right time

Let’s say, you post at 3 in the morning. What do you think will happen? What is most likely is that, a large part of your potential audience will not be active at that time and therefore in the initial hours, your posts will underperform. The Instagram algorithm will take it as it does not possess quality or isn’t worth spreading to the audience. Your post will rank lower and lower which will affect the visibility. Moreover, your followers will also not be able to see your posts because they have new posts in their feed by the time they become active.

8. Invest in Ads

This is one of the most effective ways to get 100 followers daily. When you invest in Ads, you target the audience in a way that most of the people who see the ad are interested in your content. This increases the chance of more targeted and effective visibility as well as reach. Therefore, if you have the budget, you should invest in Facebook Ads, in addition to following the m


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